Heritage Landscape Services, Inc.

Installation Division

University of South Carolina’s 50 acre Tailgating Facility is a recent landscape and irrigation project.

Heritage Landscape Services (HLS) has developed a strong reputation for its landscape installation. We have experience with all sizes of projects, from small office buildings to 50-acre business campuses.

One of HLS’ strengths is offering our customers a seamless transition from landscape installation to maintenance. This ensures our customers’ investments will be properly maintained during the first critical year and for the future.

Landscape Maintenance Division

HLS currently maintains the 300- acre
retail site at The Village at Sandhill.

Heritage Landscape Services' (HLS) Maintenance Division specializes in office, medical, and retail properties. We maintain all size properties including large scale sites.

HLS offers specialized crews for each aspect of landscape maintenance, such as mowing, weed control, and flower installation. Our employees’ detailed training ensures our properties have consistent, high quality appearances.

HLS irrigation crews are certified for the installation and maintenance of two-wire irrigation systems.

Additional Services

Heritage Landscape Services (HLS) offers many additional services above the general landscape maintenance and installation.

Mulch Installation

HLS operates a large mulch blowing truck. This system blows mulch through a hose up to 200 feet. Mulch blowing spreads an even amount of mulch without damaging the landscape with machines.

Tree Maintenance and Removal

Multiple factors can change a beautiful tree into a liability. We have vast experience in maintaining and removing trees to help reduce our customers’ risk of accidents from fallen trees and limbs.

Retention Pond Service

HLS performs retention pond repair and maintenance. We also offer pre-scheduled services to help keep our customers in compliance with local laws.

Parking Lot Services

We have the ability to patch asphalt for minor repairs and replace concrete sidewalks.

Emergency Weather Service

Although the Midlands usually has moderate weather, Heritage is prepared to address the impact of snow, ice, and high winds on customers’ properties. This includes snow removal contracts in the winter and prompt year-round response to weather damage.