Irrigation Repair Services

The EPA estimates half the water used to irrigate landscapes is wasted due to inefficient watering methods and systems. Efficient water management is now possible due to the development of technology. Heritage currently installs new systems that detect leaks, then automatically shut down the water, and finally sends an email alarm. This prevents water waste and potential damage to the property.

Our team is trained and certified to give you the best maintenance for your commercial irrigation systems. We are certified by manufacturers in two-wire repairs and have the knowledge needed to troubleshoot issues that may arise. This allows us to properly maintain multiple properties with 100+ irrigation decoders. We also perform preventative maintenance services and winterization upon request.

Please contact Heritage for a consultation of your existing or future irrigation system.

We have trusted Heritage for all our landscaping needs since 2014. Whether it’s general maintenance, irrigation repair or new installations, Heritage provides professional, timely service with great attention to detail. We have been very happy with Heritage.

- C. Cox