Mulching Services

Mulching is an excellent way to improve the health of plants while adding color and contrast to the landscape. We provide mulch and pinestraw installation to our customers upon request.

We offer two types of mulch: dyed brown and a natural mix. The dyed brown mulch offers a great contrast to the green in a landscape. It also holds its color for almost a year. Our natural mulch is a mix of hardwood and pine: the pine gives the mulch color and allows for quicker breakdown into the soil; the hardwood mulch is the base to hold moisture and reduce weeds.

Our mulch-blow truck applies the mulch evenly at the proper depth around plants. Too much mulch can restrict the amount of oxygen for the plant roots, which causes decline.

For customers who prefer pine straw, Heritage installs hand-baled long-leaf pine straw.

Heritage provides mulching services to our contracted customers; however, at certain times of the year, we are able to provide mulching services to the public as well.

I have had the pleasure of working with Heritage Landscape Services over the past 5+ years, and cannot recommend them highly enough. From installation through maintenance, they have always exceeded my expectations. Their dependability and commitment to their clients’ needs, only add to the value of having them on your project.

- M. Congdon