Retention Pond Management

retention pond mowing

Retention ponds and drain systems require regular maintenance to ensure they function properly during storms. South Carolina was reminded of the importance of this during our flood several years ago.

Heritage Landscape Services offers retention pond maintenance and repair services throughout the state of South Carolina. Our maintenance program has several components. First, is mowing of ponds to prevent vegetation overgrowth. After maintenance is complete, the pond is inspected by a certified stormwater manager to ensure it is operating correctly. Finally, we notify customers of necessary repairs through a submitted proposal.

Please contact Heritage if you are interested in our stormwater management.

I have had the pleasure of working with Heritage Landscape Services over the past 5+ years, and cannot recommend them highly enough. From installation through maintenance, they have always exceeded my expectations. Their dependability and commitment to their clients’ needs, only add to the value of having them on your project.

- M. Congdon